The Temporary Coastland Library

The Temporary Coastland Library’s signs at the entrance of the geodesic dome. July 2017.

The Temporary Coastland Library took place during the Great Island Art Residency in a geodesic dome structure, a remnant of the island's past inhabitants. The participatory installation acted as a framework from which to examine the plants, trees and animals on the island. The Library recreated, for the duration of the residency, the network system of a library, but instead of books, plants and animals were considered to be the ones transmitting knowledge, and the forest the place in which the learning took place. Items were added and removed everyday, and in a state of constant transformation, as artists were invited to borrow materials and add to the collection, while also finding inspiration for their own work.

Produced and performed from July 11th – 25th during the Great Island Summer art residency on Great Island, Nova Scotia.

The inside of The Temporary Coastland Library, with the library desk, stamp, cards and folding bench, as well as the shelfs made with found wood and filled with objects from Great Island. July 2017.

The Temporary Coastland Library’s stamp for the library card. July 2017.