The Temporary Woodland Postal Service

Post office of the Temporary Woodland Postal Service with folding banch, sorting mail device, daily mail and distribution bag. July 2017.

The Temporary Woodland Postal Service took place during the Murmur Land Studio art residency happening in outdoor Nova Scotia, creating a temporary mailing system that allowed non-verbal and offline communications between its different participants. The Postal Service provided each participant with a small mailbox made of coroplast to put beside their tent, and distributed daily written words, drawings and objects between participants. Mirroring the underground fungal communication in the forest, the mycorrhizal network, the postperson sorted the mail everyday and decided which information would best benefit a specific individual, and distributed it correspondingly. The post office, where participants deposited their mail, was located in a different place of the forest everyday. This project was an opportunity to re-evaluate our urban communication systems and the way we cooperate with each other, looking to nature for sources of inspiration.

Presented as part of the artist residency The City in Reverse: Diagramming Intelligent Systems organised by the Murmur Land Studio from July 2-8, 2017 in Sherbrooke, NS.

Stamp logo of the Temporary Woodland Postal Service. July 2017.

Artist sorting the daily mail randomly and appending the Temporary Woodland Postal Service’s stamp. July 2017.

Mailbox from the Temporary Woodland Postal Service, distributed to each participant. July 2017.