Une fenêtre sur nous

Intervention 1, March 26th, 2017

Une fenêtre sur nous is a current project taking place in the gentrified and highly densify neighborhood of Saint-Henri, more particularly on Bourget street where I live in a housing Coop surrounded on four sides by condos. Although living in close proximity to one another, the verticality of the residential area, as well as the lack of meeting spots in the neighborhood, generates a social context in which there are few interactions between the residents, especially condos dwellers and coop members. In a desire to spark curiosity between us and what is happening outside of our home, my window became a communication plateform expressing a different message every Sunday, for a duration of two days, and over a period of two months. At the end of the project, a grand finale gesture involving other coop members will take place.

Intervention 2, April 2. 2017.

Intervention 3, April 9th. 2017.

Intervention 4, April 16th. 2017.