Mange Pointe-Saint-Charles

Mange Pointe-Saint-Charles. Baking the bread at The Productive House. 2012

This project is a collaboration with the bakery at The Productive House in Pointes-Saint-Charles, a neighborhood in Montreal qualified of food desert, and La Pointe community monthly market. With the intent of symbolizing equal access to affordable food as a right and not a privilege, the community of Pointes-Saint-Charles are represented through loaves of bread in the shape of the area. They were then presented to the public for the occasion of the market and visitors were invited to indicate with colored butters the location of their home and food resources.

Mange Pointes-Saint-Charles. At the market. 2012

Mange Pointes-Saint-Charles. At the market. 2012

Mange Pointe-Saint-Charles. Detail of a bread. 2012

Mange Pointes-Saint-Charles. Poster advertising the event. 2012