La boulangerie du terroir

Would you like some Red Clay bread?
There are eight pieces of bread layered on top of each others shaped in the topographical outlines of the land where we are standing. You see, we are right here!
Thank you for breaking bread with me. This is a celebration of Red Clay, and how the land allows us to form a community.
Would you like as well some nasturtium, wood sorrels or blackberries? You are welcome to bring back some more edible plants that I will share with other visitors.

La Boulangerie du Terroir was created during the 2016 White Rabbit Residency, located at Red Clay, Nova Scotia, Canada, and was presented for the Festival on August 20th. A small stand was created out of found materials in the wood close to the main path. On the festival schedule, visitors could read that the bakery was open from 4:30 to 5:30PM.