Amélie Brindamour

  • Outdoor artist and educator

Fostering a sense of place, nature appreciation and community through art and education

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Amélie Brindamour is a Montreal-based settler artist and art educator, exploring issues related to the natural and urban environment through place-specific projects including electronic art, installations, participatory performances, eat-art and photography. She is concerned about how systems layouts determine contexts of relationships and power, and intends to challenge our perception of pre-established social and spatial networks by subverting their functioning in order to promote cooperation, randomness and creativity. Of particular interest are activities that leads to collaboration with amateurs and professionals in other fields, such as biologists, bakers, mushroom pickers and community organisers. She holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts and a Master in Art Education from Concordia University, and works as an art teacher in various community settings and at the Cegep level. She has lived in various locations such as Mexico, Finland and Eastern Canada, and speaks fluently French, English and Spanish.