Amélie Brindamour

  • Outdoor artist – art educator – bread-maker

Fostering a sense of place, nature appreciation and community through art and education

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Amélie Brindamour is an artist and art educator based in Montreal, Canada. Place-specificity is at the center of her art practice, which includes eat-art, temporary actions, photography and community art projects. Montreal’s parks and wasteland, Finnish Lapland’s forest and Nova Scotia's parks and forests are among places which have provided an area of land to venture in, collect materials, transform and photograph. An avid cook, she has also conceived various participatory performances involving the act of baking and eating bread shaped in the outline of different areas, raising awareness on the relationship between land and food. She favors art and education initiatives that have an impact on or help fostering communities, as well as contexts that encourage inclusion, collaboration, and experimentation. She has lived in various locations such as Mexico, Finland and Eastern Canada, and speaks fluently French, English and Spanish.